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We use cognitive science, CQ™, neuroscience and AI to disrupt legacy content. 

Box Media is the mother of Box Play, Box Labs, Box Entertainment, Box News and Box Agency. 

We inspire audiences to be more engaged, active, motivated and accountable.

Purpose. Values. Vision. 

Our Purpose – To shape the future of digital content

We ignite the spirit of curiosity through storytelling and personalisation.
We make learning you’ll be loyal to.
We explore the present and imagine the future.
We define and shape the future of storytelling through collaboration. 

Our Vision –  To perfect the art of technology-led storytelling

Our award-winning content uses scientific data and insights, inspired by cinematic storytelling. Curiosity, kindness and proactivity are at the heart of what we do. 

We don’t think about demographics. We think about people.

Our Values – Be kind. Be honest. Be human.

We believe in kindness, listening and collaboration. 

Directness, honesty and clarity are non-negotiable. We have a 0% tolerance to gossip. So much so, in fact, that it’s in our contracts.

Box Play

Stories can change the world. Especially at work.

 Immersive, award-winning content that will empower your workforce and future-proof your organisation. Led by scientific data and insights. Inspired by cinematic storytelling.

Box Entertainment

Shake up your storytelling. 

We tell stories with real impact through our Emmy-winning film production team. 
We seek out female leads, both in front and behind the camera. We’re proud to lead the way through our genuine belief in inclusivity and equality.

Box Agency

Explore your depths with our advertising agency.Push your brand’s creativity to the next level. 

We look behind and beyond the brand. We focus on simplifying the complicated and telling stories that match purpose to action. Let’s collaborate to turn ripples into waves.