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Future-proofing your business with thoughtful AI

By Sydney Radclyffe for Box News

In terms of developing tech and shifting industry strategies for remaining relevant in the economy of the future, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the shiny new toy that everyone wants to try out. But do we really know what to do with it?

Understanding is at the heart of innovation

People know that AI is necessary and of-the-moment, but aren’t always sure how to incorporate it into business. This can lead to inefficient or risky applications of the still-obscure technology. The best way to develop and implement AI systems going forward is by well-rounded understanding, not only of machine learning but of its potential human impact.

As a veteran of AI development and a lifelong mathematician, Milena Marinova, Senior VP of AI Products & Solutions at Pearson, is well poised to cut through the confusion.

We spoke to Milena about her solution-driven approach and the vital need for collaboration as new technologies continue to develop.

To paraphrase Milena, if we start with purpose and objectives, AI can be a crucial part of more extensive collaborative efforts to solve both small-scale and universal issues.

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