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Start with diversity to shape a preferred future

By Alasdair Munn for Box  News

At Box Media, we champion diversity and responsible AI development. Our CEO, Clare, spoke to Julieta Collart, Foresight Strategist at the Shaping the Future Program at Accenture Labs, about the importance of having a diverse team, skills, and perspectives in building out programmes that look to the future.

A strategic approach to the future

For Julieta, one of the elements that brings value to the Shaping the Future Program is the fact that Accenture Labs is a multi-disciplinary organisation.

“We have people with backgrounds in AI, digital experience and anthropology, who are from different levels, of different ages, and bring those different perspectives to envision what the world could be as a more robust whole.”

On strategic insight, Julieta feels:

“The strength of a good strategy is in imagining and including all these different perspectives so that we can intentionally choose a path forward.”

If we are to shape the future, we need to do so thoughtfully and inclusively.

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